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Reporting Solutions for .NET

Add Microsoft-Access style database reporting to your apps. Generate reports on-the-fly or import them from existing solutions. Try it risk-free for 30 days - choose your platform.

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ComponentOne Reporting: WinForms, ASP.NET AJAX, WPF  

 Words from the Editor

Bernardo Castilho The Core of Data-based Apps: Reports
Bernardo Castilho, Chief Technology Officer

ComponentOne has provided reporting solutions (C1Report) since 2000. C1Report supports banded reports - compatible with the Microsoft Access and Crystal models - with additional functionality like XML-based report definitions, a fully customizable object model, scheduled report creation, viewers for WinForms, ASP.NET, and WPF, as well as royalty-free deployment and distribution.

In the upcoming ComponentOne Studio Enterprise release, reporting will be taken to a whole new level. C1Report will support the new SSRS reporting model as well as RDL report definitions. This allows you to choose the type of report, and create/modify reports dynamically, and deploy your reports royalty-free on servers and client machines. In addition to RDL support in C1Report, look for a revolutionary ReportViewer control for Silverlight. It will allow you to display reports (created by C1Report, SQL Server Reporting Services, and any other report engine capable of producing HTML or PDF), zoom, pan, select, copy, and print reports from within any Silverlight app. These reporting enhancements and additions are sure to impress; stay tuned for the 2010 v3 release mid-November.

  Featured Article

Rich Dudley Unifying BI Reporting Systems with ComponentOne Reports
Rich Dudley, Technical Evangelist

An enterprise with a rich legacy of BI reporting can celebrate its technological heritage as well as be challenged by it. It's not uncommon to have BI reports created using a number of different technologies, including Crystal Reports, Microsoft Access and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).
The lack of compatibility between these systems means that information is often siloed to specific users, and there is an excess burden of maintenance of these disparate systems. With the 2010 v3 release (due in mid-November), ComponentOne's reporting tools are a unifying technology across all of these information silos. The C1 Report Designer can import both Access and Crystal Reports and convert them to the C1Report format. The new Silverlight C1ReportViewer can display reports from virtually any report generator capable of... (continue to full article).

  What's New

Coming Soon: Studio Enterprise 2010 v3

Look for the upcoming release of Studio Enterprise in mid-November 2010. This release will include major enhancements to cross-platform reporting as well as charting, scheduling, ribbon, and more.

  • Reporting in Silverlight
    The new C1ReportViewer control can display HTML and PDF-based reports from virtually any report service, including Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services and C1Reports. This powerful viewer allows users to see, search, zoom, select, print and save the reports to local files. Check it out.
  • PDF viewing in Silverlight and WPF
    The new lightweight C1PdfViewer control enables PDF document viewing in both Silverlight and WPF without requiring Adobe Reader.
  • Enhanced SQL Server (RDL) Support in C1Reports
    The new C1RdlReport component provides support for Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services to ComponentOne Reports for WinForms, WPF and ASP.NET. C1RdlReport exposes the full RDL object model, allowing you to modify existing reports or create new reports entirely in code without external dependencies on SSRS.
  • 3D Charting in Silverlight and WPF
    The new C1Chart3D control will allow you to render 3D surface and contour charts in Silverlight and WPF.
  • Scheduler Grouping by Resources and Contacts
    The new feature will allow you to group appointments to create a multi-column layout where each column represents appointments assigned to a certain person or thing. This will be supported in WPF and Silverlight in all views (day, week, month).
  • New Visual Styles in Ribbon for WinForms
    New styles will allow you to create a Ribbon using Microsoft Office 2010 Visual Styles (Blue, Black, and Silver) or the new Windows 7 Visual Style.
Brand New Studio for SharePoint in the Works

Revamped Web Parts, compatible with Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010, are in the works at ComponentOne! Without writing any code, in minutes you can create useful data portals using ComponentOne Studio for SharePoint. The unique On-board designers give you a UI to select SharePoint List or BCS data and configure views right on the Web Part surface. Simply install the Studio, insert a ComponentOne Web Part onto your page, and go. This Studio will be available in early December. We're currently looking for Beta testers, contact Raleigh Johnson if interested.
Product Review: Studio for ASP.NET AJAX

Robbe Morris from EggHeadCafe writes a review on the controls. Read why he'd buy the suite. Read the full review.
Product Review: ComponentOne LiveLinq

Peter Vogel from Visual Studio Magazine wrote about LiveLinq stating, "If you need to solve response-time problems with large object collections, or hope to improve scalability by using caching, LiveLINQ looks like an outstanding solution." Read the full review.
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Combining BI Reporting Systems with ComponentOne Reporting
This Webcast demonstrates how ComponentOne unifies multiple BI systems by importing both Microsoft Access and Crystal Reports and displaying SSRS reports.

November 10, 10:00AM (EDT) Register

How to Create API/SDK Reference Documentation in a Click with Doc-To-Help
Join us to learn how easy it is to create reference documentation with Doc-To-Help.

November 11, 2:00PM (EDT) Register

Improving Usability with ComponentOne DynamicHelp
ComponentOne DynamicHelp, a control included with Studio for WinForms and Doc-To-Help, gives you a Help pane that you can embed directly into your application's interface. You or your Help authors can then visually map topics. Join this session to learn how this tool can improve usability.

November 11, 3:00PM (EDT) Register

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Words from the Editor

The Core of Data-based Apps: Reports

Featured Article

Unifying BI Reporting Systems with ComponentOne Reports

What's New

Coming Soon: Studio Enterprise 2010 v3
Product Review: Studio for ASP.NET AJAX
Product Review: ComponentOne LiveLinq
Upcoming Webcasts: Free to Attend

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