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Data-entry Has Never Been Easier

With just a single control, ComponentOne InputPanel™ for WinForms, you can create a complete data-entry form: manage the design, layout, appearance, and behavior of multiple input components. Time-saving features allow you to make changes to your form without worrying about restructuring the entire form with InputPanel's automatic alignment, tab order, accelerator key assignment, and validation. See how much time you can save with InputPanel in this article.

ComponentOne InputPanel for WinForms  
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 Words from the Editor

Gustavo Eydelsteyn 2010: The Action Year
Gustavo Eydelsteyn, Co-founder

Every New Year each of us take time to reflect on years past and our plans for the future. Well, we have over 20 years behind us now producing custom controls, making us the longest standing component vendor in the market. With this experience comes knowing what the most vital asset to our success as a company is knowing what you, our fellow developer, want and need.

Early in 2009 the economic indicators were unfavorable for industry and like any company we were paying attention. We went into 2009 with the same gumption we had in the past and kept the focus on the products that would save our clients time and money. 2009 ended as our best year ever and we are forecasting 2010 to be even more successful. Twenty-ten or two-thousand ten will be full of innovative tools from ComponentOne for the new version of Microsoft Visual Studio, SharePoint, and Silverlight 4.0. As Benjamin Disraeli said, "Experience is the child of thought, and thought is the child of action." We are taking our 20 plus years of experience and translating our R&D into actions. 2010 is going to be a busy year. Thanks for being a part of it.

  Featured Article

Gregory Lutz Reduce Data-entry Form Development Time by 60%
Gregory Lutz, Product Manager

Creating data-entry forms can be very time consuming and tedious, and maintaining them can be a nightmare. However, with ComponentOne InputPanel for WinForms creating and maintaining data-entry forms is no problem at all. The control removes all redundant tasks such as control alignment, spacing, data-binding, labeling, accelerator key generation, and tab ordering.

This article demonstrates a two-part comparison of creating and maintaining the exact same data-entry form using standard toolbox controls versus using ComponentOne InputPanel. To best illustrate the development experiences, the actual demonstrating will be shown in a series of four videos. Read the full article.

  What's New

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and ComponentOne Products

With the release of Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2, ComponentOne is committed to supporting the latest version and continuing to develop products in sync with the Microsoft Visual Studio release schedule. Visual Studio 2010 is all about the developer with new prototyping, modeling, and visual design tools as well as a single integrated development environment, the first interactive design experience for Silverlight, and more. Get even more out of Visual Studio 2010 with ComponentOne controls and components in your toolbox: experience increased productivity with less code required and added functionality. See the details below for specific compatibility.

Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 compatibility details:

  • IntelliSpell is 100% compatible.
  • To use ComponentOne Studio for WinForms under .NET 4, you must target the full .NET 4.0 Framework. To do this, go to the project's properties (from the Visual Studio menu, select Project | Properties...) and from the Application tab change the Target framework to ".NET Framework 4".
  • Studio for ASP.NET and Studio for iPhone are currently being optimized for the Visual Studio 2010 release. They have limited support in Beta 2, but are fully compatible in RC.
  • Studio for Silverlight is compatible with Silverlight 3.0 and 4.0 Beta.
  • Studio for WPF is compatible with WPF 3.0/3.5 and 4.0.

Please note that these workarounds may not be necessary in future versions of Visual Studio 2010.

Coming this Month: Studio for SharePoint
Studio for SharePoint Get ready for ComponentOne's 2010 SharePoint Web Parts! This month you'll enjoy the availability of more data sources in all three of the current Web Parts. Users will be able to point, click, and connect to SharePoint lists, SQL Server databases, Oracle databases, and Microsoft Excel files as a data source to display data sets, chart data, and map locations.
And without any code, you'll be able to connect, configure, and style data views using the On-Board Designers available with each Web Part.

Plus, with the new purchasing model, you can get the Studio that delivers all our SharePoint technology and powerful new data-based technology into a suite of three Web Parts. Stay tuned.

Upcoming Webcasts: Sign-up for Free

How ComponentOne Web Parts Help You Create Data Portals in SharePoint - Join Dan Thursday, February 4th at 1:30PM EST and learn how to reduce the time, expense, and headache of creating data-based pages in SharePoint with ComponentOne's easy-to-setup data viewing Web Parts (DataGrid, Chart, and Maps). Reserve your seat at no cost.

Improving Usability with ComponentOne DynamicHelp - Join Nicky Wednesday, January 27th at 2:00PM EST and learn how to improve usability by embedding a Help pane directly into your application's interface with ComponentOne DynamicHelp, a control included with Studio for WinForms and Doc-To-Help. Then watch how you or your Help authors can visually map topics. Reserve your seat at no cost.

  Tech Tips

Tech Tip Studio for ASP.NET Tip: Save a Serialized Version of the Control
Use the SaveXML and LoadXML functions on ComponentOne controls to save a serialized version of the control including all settings and data. This is very useful for creating Menu Sitemaps, schemas, and more.
Tech Tip Studio for ASP.NET Tip: Update the Client-side Model Properties and Events
Update the client-side model properties and events when you don't need to do server side processing. The controls can be coded against identically in the client-side and server-side.

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Come join ComponentOne at events around the world. Our technical experts will be onsite to answer all your questions. Here is a list of upcoming shows we will be exhibiting at. We look forward to meeting or reconnecting with you.
SPTechCon SPTechCon
The SharePoint Technology Conference
February 10-12, 2009
San Francisco, CA

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Words from the Editor

2010: The Action Year

Featured Article

Reduce Data-entry Form Development Time by 60%

What's New

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and ComponentOne Products
Coming this Month: Studio for SharePoint
Upcoming Webcasts: Sign-up for Free

Tech Tips

Studio for ASP.NET Tip: Save a Serialized Version of the Control
Studio for ASP.NET Tip: Update the Client-side Model Properties and Events

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