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30 jQuery UI Widgets

Wijmo v1 is here! This complete kit of jQuery UI widgets includes a mixture of jQuery, CSS3, SVG, and HTML5 making it the perfect combination for building out-of-this-world web apps. Get premium support with the commercial version.

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Words from the Editor

Bernardo Castilho What do Super Bowl XLV and .NET have in common?
Bernardo Castilho, Chief Technology Officer

Every year it amazes me how captivated everyone becomes about the Super Bowl. Being a Pittsburgh-based company, ComponentOne experienced the excitement and defeat first-hand. As in any stadium game, there are big plays, tough calls, and the never pretty blunders. The same holds true in the .NET development arena.

While the stakes are a bit different, there are steps you can take to be on the top of your game. Let's use OLAP as an example. OLAP for Silverlight, the big player in ComponentOne's upcoming v1 release, gives you the tools to perform OLAP analysis on plain data (no need to setup SQL cubes on your server). The tough calls are handled because you have all the data at your fingertips; no second-guessing yourself or making uninformed deductions.

With this release the product has been taken up a notch; in addition to many key new OLAP-related features, we'll include all the controls in our Studio for Silverlight. So you'll get these powerful data analysis controls, plus over 55 Silverlight controls to build your custom UI.

 Featured Article

Chris Bannon Hello Wijmo
Chris Bannon, Product Manager

We have recognized the power of HTML, CSS and JavaScript and have developed a tool for building applications with them. It is with great pride that I now introduce Wijmo. So, what is Wijmo? We have leveraged the power of jQuery and jQuery UI to build a set of widgets that are feature-rich and easy to get started with.
Wijmo widgets are all fully themed and theme-able. Each widget utilizes the jQuery UI CSS Framework and Themeroller-ready. Wijmo also uses Raphael to create the next-generation of data visualization powered by SVG. JQuery and jQuery UI are the defacto JavaScript libraries and have the strongest community of web developers in the world. Wijmo is following in the footsteps of the experts that built and use jQuery (continue to full article).

 What's New

XAP File Optimization Techniques for 2011

In this blog post, Steve Wortham writes about effective techniques that will help you to reduce the size of your XAP files. In it, he mentions ComponentOne XapOptimizer. You can get the latest version online at no cost.

New OLAP for Silverlight Beta Version - Download

We have recently published an update to the beta version of OLAP for Silverlight, which includes these features:

  • Support for Multiple Value Fields
  • Simple Field Styling
  • Built-in Conditional Formatting
  • Reporting (Printing)
  • Chart Totals
  • Defer Updates Option (Similar to Excel)

Read about these new features and download the update. The first official release is scheduled for mid-March 2011.

Just Released: Doc-To-Help 2011 - Download

Doc-To-Help 2011 The first Doc-To-Help release of 2011 is here and it's never been easier to write content, collaborate, and publish deliverables in all the formats you need. Doc-To-Help is well known for making documentation, training material, and policy manual publishing easy.

See the new version for yourself. Download your risk-free trial today. It's simple: create or login to your account and installation begins. Enjoy these latest additions:

  • Translation support (with Microsoft® SharePoint®)
  • New search engine for Web-based outputs
  • Build scheduler
  • And more
INETA Component Code Challenge

Win a scholarship to Tech•Ed 2011, May 16-19 in Atlanta GA including air fare, hotel, and conference pass. How? Any .NET application (WinForms, ASP.NET, WPF, Silverlight) built in the last year (since 1.1.2010) using at least 1 component from at least 1 approved vendor. Then make a 3-5 minute Camtasia video showing your entry and describing what component(s) you used and why your application is cool. Submission deadline is March 15, 2011 at midnight Eastern time.

Upcoming Webcasts: Free to Attend

 MSDN Webcast: Microsoft ASP.NET Authentication in Microsoft Silverlight Applications - In this Webcast, we review the capabilities of Microsoft ASP.NET Authentication Provider and see how to use it with Silverlight applications.

February 24, 1:00PM (PST) Register

 MSDN Webcast: Building User Interfaces with jQuery and Wijmo - This Webcast shows how you can use jQuery to build powerful user interfaces for the Web.

March 9, 11:00AM (PST) Register

 How to Create API/SDK Reference Documentation in a Click with Doc-To-Help: Join us to learn how easy it is to create reference documentation with Doc-To-Help.

February 17, 3:00PM (EST) Register

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ComponentOne supports and sponsors community and developer events throughout the world, including conferences, code camps, techfests, and user group meetings. Here is a list of upcoming events.

South Florida .NET Code Camp
Fort Lauderdale-Davie, FL
February 12
Boise Code Camp 2011
Boise, ID
February 26-27
Code PaLOUsa 2011
Louisville, KY
March 4-5
Rocky Mountain Tech Trifecta v3.0
Denver, CO
March 5

See the full list of upcoming events: visit the Event Center.

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Words from the Editor

What do Super Bowl XLV and .NET have in common?

Featured Article

Hello Wijmo

What's New

XAP File Optimization Techniques for 2011
New OLAP for Silverlight Beta Version - Download
Just Released: Doc-To-Help 2011 - Download
INETA Component Code Challenge
Upcoming Webcasts: Free to Attend

Event Center

South Florida .NET Code Camp
Boise Code Camp 2011
Code PaLOUsa 2011
Rocky Mountain Tech Trifecta v3.0

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