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Create data portals in minutes: connect to data and configure views in Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010 without writing any code. Studio for SharePoint includes DataGrid, Chart, Maps, and two image viewer Web Parts.

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Studio for SharePoint

Words from the Editor

Bernardo Castilho Happy Holidays, Fellow Devs
Bernardo Castilho, Chief Technology Officer

Many times as I write my editorial piece, I think to myself, "Would I read this?" As a CTO and fellow developer, I realize every moment counts, especially around the holidays. I'm working on some big projects myself, and my mind is always racing with new ideas. So as I try to slow down to focus on what's important to you, SharePoint comes to mind.

You may think, "Wow, this guy calms his mind and thinks of SharePoint?" Well, yes, that's how I operate. I look at our Web Parts as a present, ready to go right out of the box. Fitting, right? If you work with SharePoint and are thinking about giving yourself a present this year, consider our Studio for SharePoint. You will impress users and deliver instant ROI. Happy Holidays and here's to continued success in 2011.

 Featured Article

Dan Beall How ComponentOne Web Parts Make the SharePoint 2010 Experience Better
Dan Beall, Product Manager

SharePoint 2010 portals are great platforms to facilitate communication and productivity. They can be used for business intelligence reporting, performance monitoring, record tracking, data entry, and so much more.
As SharePoint grows in popularity, pressure on the people responsible for creating data-powered portals increases. While SharePoint includes many convenient tools, developers often need to get involved to create complex data views or create tools where none exist. ComponentOne Studio for SharePoint gives you Web Parts that make the SharePoint 2010 experience better. Read this article to see how.

 What's New

It's Here: Brand New Studio for SharePoint

Our Web Parts, compatible with Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010, are now available for download. Discover all the ways these Web Parts make your SharePoint experience better:

  • Without writing any code, create useful data portals in minutes.
  • Select SharePoint List or BCS data and configure views right on the Web Part surface using the unique On-board designers.
  • Simply install the Studio, insert a ComponentOne Web Part onto your page, and go.
Just in Time for the Holidays: Solutions to Speed Up Your .NET Development Projects

Rich Dudley, technical evangelist writes on how third-party control vendors, like ComponentOne, help to jumpstart projects with unique controls, enhanced performance, and easy setup. Read the full article to learn more.
Enhanced Reporting in Studio Enterprise 2010 v3

The third release of Studio Enterprise 2010 made a splash with its reporting enhancements. In addition to RDL report definition support in C1Report, a revolutionary ReportViewer control for Silverlight was released. This control allows you to display reports (created by C1Report, SQL Server Reporting Services, and any other report engine capable of producing HTML or PDF), zoom, pan, select, copy, and print reports from within any Silverlight app.

This sample shows how to use the C1ReportViewer for Silverlight to display reports created with C1Report.

Must-see Video on Styling Silverlight Controls

By just setting a few brush properties in Visual Studio you can quickly style ComponentOne Silverlight and WPF controls. The key is our innovative ClearStyle technology. No need for XAML templates, Expression Blend, or a professional designer.
Upcoming Webcasts: Free to Attend

 Getting Started with WCF RIA Services and ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight: This Webcast shows the basics of WCF RIA Services for Silverlight 4, and demonstrates different functionalities with C1DataGrid while using WCF RIA Services.

January 6, 10:00AM (EST) Register

 Introducing Doc-To-Help: Need documentation, but don't know how to get started? Learn how easy it is to author and publish professional quality outputs for desktop, Web, and print use with this one tool.

December 21, 3:00PM (EST) Register
December 29, 3:00PM (EST) Register

 How to Create API/SDK Reference Documentation in a Click with Doc-To-Help: Join us to learn how easy it is to create reference documentation with Doc-To-Help.

January 12, 2:00PM (EST) Register
January 12, 3:00PM (EST) Register

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ComponentOne supports and sponsors community and developer events throughout the world, including conferences, code camps, techfests, and user group meetings. Here is a list of upcoming events.

Code Mash 2011 CodeMash 2011
Sandusky, OH
January 12-14
Code PaLOUsa Code PaLOUsa 2011
Louisville, KY
March 4-5

See the full list of upcoming events: visit the Event Center.

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Last month, we asked if you used jQuery. Here are the results.

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Words from the Editor

Happy Holidays, Fellow Devs

Featured Article

How ComponentOne Web Parts Make the SharePoint 2010 Experience Better

What's New

It's Here: Brand New Studio for SharePoint
Just in Time for the Holidays: Solutions to Speed Up Your .NET Development Projects
Enhanced Reporting in Studio Enterprise 2010 v3
Must-see Video on Styling Silverlight Controls
Upcoming Webcasts: Free to Attend

Event Center

CodeMash 2011
Code PaLOUsa 2011

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Studio for SharePoint

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