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Analyze your Data with OLAP
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Migrating Legacy Studio for ASP.NET Controls to New Framework (Codenamed "Palomino")
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OLAP for WinForms: Coming Soon
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Use the DrawMode Property to Assign Styles Dynamically Based on Cell Values
Use the ChartData Property to Color Your Charts
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ComponentOne Doc-To-Help®
All-in-one Authoring and Publishing Solution
Doc-To-Help is the only tool that helps developers and writers work seamlessly together to create deliverables that include Help, printed manuals, reference documentation, and more. Unlike most documentation tools, Doc-To-Help includes technology designed for the developer.
Doc-To-Help * Embed context-sensitive Help in your apps and allow technical writers to perform topic mapping visually
* Generate automatic reference documentation with Microsoft Sandcastle
* Author documentation in your favorite environment
* Publish web-based Help, HTML, Help, Help 2.0, and more
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 Words From the Editor
Gustavo Eydelsteyn Analyze your Data with OLAP
Gustavo Eydelsteyn, Co-founder

If you are like many of today's professional in the market place, you're regularly asked common questions such as are sales up or down, which products are most profitable, or which products are most popular in each region? To answer these questions you need to do your homework by analyzing data, which typically involves summarizing the data using spreadsheets.
We've all poured our heart and souls into a spreadsheet once, twice, or too many times to count and at the end we're disappointed with the results. What if I shared with you an alternative to categorizing fields, and creating summary table after summary table? Well, it's here and available to you. ComponentOne OLAP for WinForms the newest product from ComponentOne, releasing this month, provides data summaries in Grids, Charts, and Reports that can be saved, exported, or printed.

You can simply define the views you want interactively, in ad-hoc fashion, uncover trends and provide valuable insights. Its interface, similar to Microsoft Excel, is very intuitive with a panel for drag-and-drop views and tabs for displaying grid, chart, and raw data views.

Now that we've got you thinking about how this will change the way you organize data, stay tuned for more details in the coming days.

 Featured Article
Raleigh Johnson Migrating Legacy Studio for ASP.NET Controls to New Framework (Codenamed "Palomino")
Raleigh Johnson, Technical Engagement Engineer

Recently, ComponentOne has added several new controls to Studio for ASP.NET's lineup. These new ASP.NET controls, codenamed Palomino, include the C1Gridview, C1ComboBox, C1FormDecorator, C1MultiPage, and more.
They have been built from the ground up to take full advantage of the Web's most promising technologies like AJAX, CSS, XHTML, and so on. The Palomino lineup also offers a rich, client-side object model to meet the demands of today's ASP.NET developers.

In the months to come, the Palomino controls will be replacing their older counterparts entirely, as these controls enter Legacy status. This may sound problematic to some, but there is no need to worry as this article will demonstrate how to migrate some of our older ASP.NET components, specifically those from the C1WebCommand assembly, to their newer Palomino counterparts. For those unfamiliar with the C1WebCommand controls, these include the C1WebMenu, C1WebTreeView, C1WebTabStrip, C1WebTopicBar, and the C1WebToolBar; although, the focus will be on just the first four of the C1WebCommand controls mentioned. Read the full article.

 What's New

OLAP for WinForms: Coming Soon

Studio Enterprise 2009 v2 ComponentOne OLAP for WinForms is a suite of five .NET controls that provide analytical processing features similar to those found in Microsoft Excel's Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts. The C1OlapPage control groups all the controls (Panel, Grid, Chart, and PrintDocument) in one easy-to-use tabbed interface. To create the simplest OLAP application, just create a new Windows Forms application, drop the C1OlapPage control on the form, and connect to a database. It's that easy. Run your application and go. You get instant data views in seconds with support for formatting, filtering, customization, and more.

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Microsoft Case Study
Third-Party Controls for Visual Studio 2008 Reduce Development Time and Costs by 75 Percent

With an important trade show only two months away, automated microanalysis solution provider ASPEX Corporation had only a short time to add rich reporting and graphing functionality to its Perception MQA (Metal Quality Analyzer) software. The company used ComponentOne Studio for WinForms 2008 - a suite of more than 60 .NET Framework components - to quickly and easily add the desired functionality in only six weeks, meeting its deadline and saving roughly 75 percent in software development costs... read more.

 Tech Tips
Tech Tip Use the DrawMode Property to Assign Styles Dynamically Based on Cell Values

FlexGrid for WinForms allows you to create cell styles and assign them to rows, columns, and arbitrary cell ranges. You can use this capability to format cells based on their values. For example, cells that contain negative values can display them in red. You can do this by assigning styles to cells with the SetCellStyle method, but in this case you have to update the style whenever the cell value changes. Also, if the grid is bound to a data source, styles will be lost whenever the data source is reset (after sorting and filtering operations for example).

A better alternative in these cases is to use the grid's OwnerDraw feature and select styles dynamically, based on the cell values.

Tech Tip Use the ChartData Property to Color Your Charts

Each data series in WebChart for ASP.NET can be assigned its own FillStyle. You can take advantage of this to assign each data set a custom color. For example:

  • this.C1WebChart1.ChartGroups[0].ChartData[0].
    FillStyle.Color1= Color.Red;
  • this.C1WebChart1.ChartGroups[0].ChartData[1].
    FillStyle.Color1 = Color.Blue;
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