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Evolution is a Natural Process
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Bridging the Gap between Developers and Help Authors with ComponentOne DynamicHelp
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Explore the Next Generation of ASP.NET AJAX Controls
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Product Spotlight
ComponentOne IntelliSpell
Spell-checking Add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio
ComponentOne IntelliSpell

Start spell-checking your files in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio 2005 with ComponentOne IntelliSpell.
Using the fastest spell checker on the market, spell-check your code (comments, string constants) and files (HTML, XML, resource, text).
Learn more.

Words from the Editor
Gustavo Eydelsteyn Evolution is a Natural Process
Gustavo Eydelsteyn, Co-founder
The evolution of our ASP.NET suite began over 16 months ago with the vision to provide the best quality Web tools for the developer market. What does best quality mean? It means being compatible with the ever changing standards and formats. It means integrating seamlessly not only with IE but with Mozilla, Opera, Firefox and Safari. It means generating a smaller footprint for your pages. It means a performance gain of an average of 10X. It means providing new feature-rich components that easily integrate with CSS and JavaScript. It means the evolution of your Web applications.

We started this process by re-architecting and re-engineering our core Web technology into a new framework (code name "Palomino"). This new core engine is the base of the next generation of our ASP.NET components. The first few controls of this new generation are in beta right now and will release with the upcoming update of ComponentOne Studio for ASP.NET in the fourth quarter. Throughout the upcoming year, all our ASP.NET controls will be re-architected. Expect an exciting year of new components and improvements.

Evolution is not an overnight process. It is a natural process that takes time. We are very proud of this next generation. We have put a lot of effort and resources to make the best quality Web tools for you. Enjoy them.

 Feature Article
Suelinda Webster Bridging the Gap between Developers and Help Authors with ComponentOne DynamicHelp
Suelinda Webster,
Technical Engagement Engineer II

The 2008 v2 release of ComponentOne Studio Enterprise introduced a new product, ComponentOne DynamicHelp for WinForms. C1DynamicHelp is a Windows Forms control that allows developers to easily add robust, context-sensitive help to their applications.
This can be done either at design time or at run time using Authoring mode. C1DynamicHelp's Authoring mode enables developers to pass the application off to the Help authors so they can assign topics to controls.
This article shows how the developer can set up Authoring mode for the Help author to visually map topics to UI elements on the application. This method saves time and eliminates the errors that are more likely to occur when repeatedly passing the topic/control map between developer and Help author. Work seamlessly together with Help authors and increase productivity with DynamicHelp for WinForms.

Read the full article.

What's New at ComponentOne
Explore the Next Generation of ASP.NET AJAX Controls
The ComponentOne Studio for ASP.NET Control Explorer includes the first few controls that have been re-architected and re-engineered into a new framework (code name "Palomino"). These controls include Menu, HeaderContentControl, Expander, Accordion, NavPanel, TabStrip, MultiPage, TabControl, and TreeView. All of the ASP.NET AJAX controls are equipped with built-in visual styles, powerful animation, and highly-customizable themes. Click here to see the Control Explorer live.


Customer Portal: Your One-stop Shop
We are happy to announce our new support center that allows our users instantaneous access to all of their support information, and gives them the ability to review and update support cases 24x7.
This support center is integrated with our current My Support page that hosts the incident submission page, access to Beta software, links to HelpCentral, and more to provide a one-stop shop for customers who need assistance with their ComponentOne products.
Key New Features
Customers can submit support incidents and instantly receive an incident number to track their submission; they can even view their submission for accuracy even after it is submitted!
Customers can review open incidents and previous incidents to track their own support history.
Customers can update their existing support cases with new information and instantly obtain the status of their open cases without having to wait for a response from anyone.
Important Benefits
Previously, customers could only find out the status of their incidents by contacting the sales or support teams; now this information is available whenever they need it! Customers can now update their existing cases in the same place that they go to submit new incidents.

Tradeshow Center
Visit us at VSLive! and PDC next month
We're really looking forward to exhibiting next month at VSLive! and PDC! We have so much to share with you about ComponentOne's current cutting-edge technologies in addition to what's on the horizon.
VSLive! Las Vegas
October 13-17, 2008
Las Vegas, NV
Visit us at our booth
PDC Los Angeles
October 27-30, 2008
Los Angeles, CA
Visit us at Booth #911
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