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Studio Enterprise
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Prepare for Tomorrow with Two New Releases from ComponentOne
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Spell-check OleDb Databases
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Studio Enterprise 2009 v3: Just Released
Need Documentation? Check Out the Latest Doc-To-Help Release
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Use the SetDataBinding Method to Attach a Data Source at Runtime
Define Custom Views from Multiple Database Tables
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 Product Spotlight
ComponentOne Studio® Enterprise
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Studio Enterprise

Seven platforms, hundreds of controls, one studio. Build awesome desktop, Web, and mobile apps with our tools for WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET, Silverlight, iPhone, Mobile, and ActiveX. ComponentOne StudioŽ Enterprise gives you the technology you need to reach any user.

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 Words From the Editor
Gustavo Eydelsteyn Prepare for Tomorrow with Two New Releases from ComponentOne
Gustavo Eydelsteyn, Co-founder

Both companies and individuals, probably just like you, enjoy when there is a particular product or vendor you know you can always turn to for solutions. ComponentOne thrives on being that "go to" shop. And this month the release cycle is hot, so you'll want to check out our latest releases: Studio Enterprise 2009 v3 and Doc-To-Help 2009 v3.

There is no better direct path to get a complete set of custom controls for Visual Studio and an industry-leading documentation solution. You are familiar with our controls for Visual Studio, so why do you need documentation you may ask. Well, documentation is essential to any application's life cycle and Doc-To-Help has the technology to create all types of documentation. You can easily produce class library reference materials, project requirements, and engaging user assistance (embedded, desktop, Web and print).

This release also prepares you for the future. With Studio Enterprise 2009 v3, you get Windows 7 support and guaranteed Visual Studio 2010 compatibility when it releases. And Help 3.0 is no problem for Doc-To-Help. When it's available, Doc-To-Help will support it.

We offer fully functional free trial versions to ensure that you have the tools necessary to create great applications and deliver top-notch desktop, Web, or print deliverables to accompany your applications. Visit and to get yours today.

 Featured Article
Gregory Lutz Spell-check OleDb Databases
Gregory Lutz, Product Manager

This article describes the implementation of C1DBSpellChecker, a utility that performs spell-checking on OleDb databases including SqlServer and Access.

After reading this article, you will be able to specify a connection string, and then select a table and one or more string fields on the table

to spell-check. Typing errors will then be displayed in a grid where they can be corrected. When all corrections have been made, the changes will be saved back to the database. Continue to full article >

 What's New

Studio Enterprise 2009 v3: Just Released

Studio Enterprise 2009 v3 Prepare for tomorrow with Studio Enterprise 2009 v3! This release brings more controls in WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET, Silverlight, and iPhone; product enhancements; and more samples.

You'll be able to edit your Xhtml documents and schedule reports in your Windows Forms; create rounded corners and shadows in your Web apps; print pages in Silverlight with PDF; add an alphabetical listing to your Web page in your iPhone; and more.

Highlights of the Release

  • New WinForms controls drive desktop development. XmlEditor control and Report Scheduler application join the WinForms award-winning suite. Empower end-users to edit Xhtml documents and assign tasks for scheduling reports. Existing controls such as FlexGrid and PDF have several enhancements.
  • WPF control suite expands to parallel Silverlight collection. The expansion of Studio for WPF debuts 9 new controls, from basic container controls to media player and property grid controls. As the Studio for Silverlight control suite grows, so will the number of controls for the WPF platform as the Silverlight 3 controls will be ported to WPF.
  • 50+ Silverlight 3 controls strong and counting. With over 50 controls, you may wonder how it could get any larger. This release proves it can. Studio for Silverlight now includes PDF, DockControl, TabControl, and Toolbar controls built on the Silverlight 3 platform. You also get improvements to DataGrid, Gauges, RichTextBox, and Chart.
  • CSS theme builder and new control to style and shape your web apps. Change color and theme properties in your web app with just a few clicks using Foxy for ASP.NET. Add rounded corners to your web apps with the new ASP.NET AJAX SuperPanel control. On top of that we have added rich new Windows 7 themes to the Studio!
  • Add interactive scrolling with the ViewScroller control for iPhone. The ViewScroller is modeled after the alphabetic list menu on the iPhone contacts list. It is a great way of adding quick navigation through long lists or lengthy content. Enhance the usability of your app with this navigation control.

Download the 30-day, full-featured trial: Studio Enterprise 2009 v3


Need Documentation? Check Out the Latest Doc-To-Help Release

Doc-To-Help continues to be the easiest tool for Help authors, policy writers, trainers, and other content creators to produce professional outputs for use on desktop, Web, and print.

The most recent release makes it even easier to use, as well as making the application more powerful and flexible...
  • Support for Microsoft Windows 7
  • Editor enhancements
  • New project management features
  • Interface enhancements

Download and try it for yourself

 Tech Tips
Tech Tip True DBGrid for WinForms Tip: Use the SetDataBinding Method to Attach a Data Source at Runtime

When using True DBGrid for WinForms, use C1TrueDBGrid's SetDataBinding method to attach a data source at runtime without clearing all design-time column properties. Just pass in "true" for the hold fields parameter.

Tech Tip DataExtender for WinForms: Define Custom Views from Multiple Database Tables
When using DataExtender for WinForms, you can use the design-time wizards to easily define custom views from multiple database tables. Just use the C1DataViewSet control, connect it to your database, and join related tables to build custom views without writing a single line of code or SQL.
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