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ComponentOne Chart for Silverlight
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Out with the Old, in with the New: ComponentOne Studio for ASP.NET
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New Version of Studio Enterprise: 2008 v3
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Product Spotlight
ComponentOne Chart for Silverlight
Sophisticated Charts for Rich Data Visualization in Silverlight
ComponentOne Chart for Silverlight Live Demo

Take your data visualization to the next level with Chart for Silverlight. The Silverlight chart control, C1Chart, supports all popular chart types including bar, column, line, area, pie, and more. With support for animations and interactivity, end-users can easily zoom in and out, scale, and scroll the chart.

ComponentOne Chart is part of ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight, which includes 30+ state-of-the-art Silverlight controls. Learn more.
Words from the Editor
Gustavo Eydelsteyn An Inspiration for the Next Generation: Create the Amazing Web Today
Gustavo Eydelsteyn, Co-founder
So often we hear about the next generation of the Web. How to bring the desktop experience to your end-user’s browser or how to offer your users a Rich Internet experience. The key word though always seems to be next, next, next. With the 2008 v3 release of Studio Enterprise that next generation is now and ComponentOne is leading the way.
Included with this release are two new suites of controls that are taking developers into the next generation of Web development: ComponentOne Studio for ASP.NET and ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight. Both control suites take advantage of the latest Web technologies and trends enabling developers to create the cutting-edge Web applications their clients demand.
This release of ComponentOne Studio for ASP.NET includes the first set of our new ASP.NET controls that have been completely rewritten from the ground up to take advantage of the latest advances in ASP.NET. What this means is a set of controls compliant with the latest standards and with a footprint 3x smaller for your pages that translates to a performance gain averaging 10x faster.
This release also includes Studio for Silverlight: the most complete suite of Silverlight controls on the market with over 30 Silverlight 2 ready controls. Now you can create Rich Internet Applications with the features and functionality of traditional desktop applications that your end-users crave. The next generation of the Web is now and ComponentOne is putting you in the driver’s seat.
 Feature Article
Greg Lutz Out with the Old, in with the New: ComponentOne Studio for ASP.NET
Greg Lutz, Technical Engagement Engineer

Pack your bags, WebMenus and WebBars! ComponentOne has a new set of ASP.NET controls that will knock your buttons off. The new Web controls, codenamed "Palomino", have been developed from the ground up to take advantage of CSS, XHTML, and the ASP.NET AJAX Framework. The first wave contains mostly menu and navigation controls which will replace the old ComponentOne WebMenus and WebBars. Read the full article.
What's New at ComponentOne
New Version of Studio Enterprise: 2008 v3
Coming on Tuesday, November 25th

A complete suite of 30+ Silverlight controls, 12 new and enhanced ASP.NET controls, more features added to Windows Forms and WPF controls... all packed inside the 2008 v3 release of Studio Enterprise! You now have the tools you need to create amazing Web and Windows applications.

New line of ASP.NET controls

  C1TreeView: Display items in a hierarchical tree structure. C1TreeView supports over 20 expand/collapse animations, stylish themes, and the ever popular drag-and-drop functionality.
  C1Menu: Add attractive menus to your Web site with new and unique features: more animation effects, item templates, and interactive item scrolling.
  C1TabControl and C1TabStrip: Easily organize and navigate through Web content. Host full pages of content on each tab, have multiple rows of tabs, and more.
  C1HeaderContentControl: Easily layout and display blocks of content. The header can be horizontal or vertical and the content panel can be located on either side of the header.
  C1Expander: Expand and contract the content panel with 26 built-in animation effects. Using multiple stacked C1Expander controls you can create navigation that is similar to the classic C1WebTopicBar control.

C1Accordion: Provide multiple panes of content, but display them only one at a time. The C1Accordion control supports data-binding, 4 expand directions, over 30 possible animations, and the ability to fully customize the header and content areas.

  C1MultiPage: Provide multiple pages of content all within one control. To flip through the pages, use the built-in navigation buttons, provide your own, or turn on the auto play feature to watch this done automatically. Display external Web pages or load content on demand for faster page loading times.
  C1NavPanel: Display menu information in a Microsoft Outlook style navigation panel with very little setup required. Simply supply a URL to display any Web-based content in C1NavPanel's panes including external pages, and display buttons of hidden panes in the bottom panel.
  C1Window: Create robust, interactive, completely customizable dialog windows. New and unique features include: expanding and collapsing dialog windows, animation effects, and flexible dialog window positioning.
  C1Slider: Provide a simple, familiar way for end-users to choose a value in a predefined range. Enhance the end-user experience with keyboard and mouse wheel support.
  C1Splitter: Create resizable panels in your applications without using any resizing code. Fully customize the look of the splitter with CSS supported styling, mouse over styles, ToolTips, and images.
Check out the live demo: Studio for ASP.NET Control Explorer
What's New in Studio for Silverlight

Studio for Silverlight is packed with 30+ Silverlight controls, including:

  Full-featured RichTextBox, with support for rich formatting, images, lists, hyperlinks, HTML import/export, and more
  Chart, with professionally designed themes and palettes, support for animations and interactivity
  DataGrid, with enhanced editor support and built-in data filters
  Data, our Silverlight version of the ADO.NET classes that make writing data-centric applications easy
  Gauges, for creating dashboards that display quantitative data in an appealing and intuitive way
  SpellChecker, which can be used with our RichTextBox and also with the regular Silverlight TextBox control
  Book, a new way to display information organized in pages that can be turned with the mouse
  And much, much more
Studio for iPhone CTP
Coming Q4 2008

Studio for iPhone

We announced our new product line, Studio for iPhone, at PDC in Los Angeles last month. This revolutionary suite of ASP.NET controls enable you to create Web applications that mimic the UI of the native iPhone and iTouch interfaces.

Be a part of this first-in-class control suite, and register today for our ComponentOne Studio for iPhone CTP: Create an account. You will receive an email with instructions to access Studio for iPhone, upon its release.
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