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XapOptimizer for Silverlight
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Take Some Time Off and Let ComponentOne Do the Work This Season
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Creating a Custom VisualStyle for C1Calendar
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ComponentOne SharePoint Web Parts 2010
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Chart for WPF Tip: Center a Label in a Pie Chart Slice
GridView for ASP.NET Tip: Get a Rich UX
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 Product Spotlight
ComponentOne XapOptimizer™ for Silverlight
Size Matters (in Silverlight)

In one click you can reduce the size of your Silverlight apps up to 70% and secure your code with obfuscation. Add ComponentOne XapOptimizer to your dev cycle with build automations, backups, and limitless options.

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Limited-time special savings: Save 40% off XapOptimizer with the purchase of Studio Enterprise or Studio for Silverlight. Use promo code XAPO50 online. To receive savings for previous Studio purchases, contact sales.

 Words From the Editor
Gustavo Eydelsteyn Take Some Time Off and Let ComponentOne Do the Work This Season
Gustavo Eydelsteyn, Co-founder

These days it is always about doing more with less. We see it in our personal lives, holiday shopping routines, and yes, even in the workplace. I read an article a while back that discussed during tough times you have to become innovative. Well it seems as individuals we are about at capacity just trying to get by, but when it comes to your development efforts ComponentOne can be your silver lining.

Recall our latest release for Studio Enterprise 2009 v3, which had new time-saving features such as the ability to schedule reports, render multiple grids, and create rounded corners in your web applications to name just a few. And just next month we'll be releasing a new version of Web Parts for SharePoint. It focuses on making the data connectivity process simpler with more options. This means users of any level can quickly build a UI to incorporate data into SharePoint. Compared against the usual process of coding access, ComponentOne's Web Parts deliver instant ROI.

Start by downloading the latest release of Studio Enterprise and Web Parts for SharePoint. Our full house of developers have worked hard this year to give you full-featured controls and out-of-the-box-ready Web Parts so you can quickly impress your end-users. Enjoy the extra time you'll have on your hands.

 Featured Article
Jon Coulter Creating a Custom VisualStyle for C1Calendar
Jon Coulter, UI Designer

Styling a control to match your website or app may seem overwhelming at first, but if you start with a base style, it's pretty easy. ArcticFox is our most flexible theme and gives you a good head start on the theming process.
For this walkthrough we'll use C1Calendar with ArcticFox VisualStyle and give it a more modern look. Read on to learn how to create your own custom VisualStyles. Continue to full article >

 What's New

ComponentOne SharePoint Web Parts 2010: Coming Next Month

Studio Enterprise 2009 v2 Get ready for SharePoint Web Parts 2010! Next month you'll enjoy the availability of more data sources in all three of the current Web Parts. Users will be able to point, click, and connect to SharePoint lists, SQL Server databases, Oracle databases, and Microsoft Excel files as a data source to display data sets, chart data, and map locations. And without any code, you'll be able to connect, configure, and style data views using the On-Board Designers available with each Web Part. Plus, with the new purchasing model, you can get the Studio that delivers all our SharePoint technology and powerful new data-based technology into a suite of three Web Parts. Stay tuned.

Upcoming Webcasts: Sign-up for Free

  • ASP.NET Futures and ComponentOne - Join Product Manager Chris Bannon Tuesday, December 22nd at 9:30AM EST and explore some of the cool new technologies coming in ASP.NET 4.0 and beyond. This webcast will focus on leveraging some of the new technologies, specifically DynamicData. Reserve your seat at no cost.
  • Improving Usability with ComponentOne DynamicHelp - Join Senior Information Developer Nicky Bleiel Wednesday, January 27th at 2:00PM EST and learn how to improve usability by embedding a Help pane directly into your application's interface with ComponentOne DynamicHelp, a control included with Studio for WinForms and Doc-To-Help. Then watch how you or your Help authors can visually map topics. Reserve your seat at no cost.
 Tech Tips
Tech Tip Chart for WPF Tip: Center a Label in a Pie Chart Slice

To center a label inside a WPF Pie chart slice, just set the label object's c1chart:PlotElement.LabelOffset.X property to a negative number like -30, for example.

Chart for WPF

Tech Tip GridView for ASP.NET Tip: Get a Rich UX
Enable AllowColMoving, AllowColSizing, AllowGrouping, AllowPaging, AllowSorting, and FilterMode for a really rich user experience when using GridView for ASP.NET.
 Event Center
Come join ComponentOne at events around the world. Our technical experts will be onsite to answer all your questions. Here is a list of upcoming shows we will be exhibiting at. We look forward to meeting or reconnecting with you.
SPTechCon SPTechCon
The SharePoint Technology Conference
February 10-12, 2009
San Francisco, CA
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December Quick Survey
Please take a moment to answer the following question. We will publish the results next month so you can see what your peers had to say.

Where do you see your development heading once .NET 4.0 is released?
Plan to stick with .NET 2.0
Plan to stick with .NET 3.0/3.5
Plan to migrate to .NET 4.0 right away
Plan to research it and possibly migrate to .NET 4.0 later

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