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ComponentOne Ribbon for WinForms
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A Better Way to Design and Style Applications Using ComponentOne Studio and Designbox
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Studio for Silverlight: The control suite keeps growing...
Studio for iPhone CTP
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 Product Spotlight
ComponentOne Ribbon for WinForms
Deliver Microsoft Office 2007-style Ribbon Functionality to Your
Desktop Applications
ComponentOne Ribbon for WinForms

ComponentOne Ribbon for WinForms delivers both Ribbon and Status Bar functionality, with the same look and feel as the Office 2007 UI. This enables .NET 2.0 developers to build Office 2007-style application interfaces with little code and with great functionality.

Capture a Ribbon design, edit it, and then reuse it later: New pre-defined Design palettes by StudioWorks Software are now available for C1Ribbon. You can either select from pre-defined Design palettes, or build your Ribbon, save your style settings, and re-use your Ribbon template for future applications. Get the Ribbon look and feel you want in mere seconds.
Learn more about this fresh, new design experience.
ComponentOne Ribbon is part of ComponentOne Studio for WinForms, which includes 60+ rich Windows Forms controls.
Learn more about Ribbon for WinForms.
 Words From the Editor
Gustavo Eydelsteyn Happy Holidays Developers
Gustavo Eydelsteyn, Co-founder

The lights are strung, the wreaths hung, and cold, snowy air is making its mark around most of the states - the Holiday season surrounds us. But you don't have to let the stress of holiday spending or the congested roads get the best of you this season. Developers, you can rest easy - ComponentOne is bringing you free Webcasts available for registration now and in the coming weeks.
So you can sit nestled in your warm offices and investigate a new technology, tool, or technique at no charge. We offer "Get Started" Webcasts for WPF, ASP.NET AJAX, and Silverlight. Another great way to learn about the broad range of controls inside ComponentOne Studio Enterprise is to take a look at some of our live demos and play around with controls firsthand. Take a look at our Demos page for a hands-on experience with Windows Forms, WPF, ASP.NET AJAX, and Silverlight controls. Happy exploring, and have a wonderful holiday!
 Featured Article
Joseph Burke A Better Way to Design and Style Applications Using ComponentOne Studio and Designbox
Joseph Burke, President: StudioWorks Software

If you're like me, then you love developing your applications in Microsoft Visual Studio and you have probably been doing it for quite a while. Over the past 20 years, there have been great improvements in the core set of development and debugging tools in the IDE. But there is one feature that has not kept pace and that is the traditional Visual Studio design experience of dragging and dropping uninitialized controls onto a design surface and using property editors to design and stylize your application.
It seems like it is taking longer and longer to create your application's look and feel. We could all benefit from a design experience that lets you design and stylize your applications in seconds, not minutes. Enter Designbox. Designbox is a Visual Studio Extensibility Package that introduces you to new ways of building your WinForm Applications.
This article shows you how you can use Designbox with your ComponentOne Studio for WinForms controls (C1NavBar, in particular). All of the Designs you will see in this article are part of the newly released Designbox Gallery for ComponentOne Studio for WinForms.
Read the full article.
 What's New
Studio for Silverlight
The control suite keeps growing...

Studio for Silverlight Last month Studio for Silverlight shipped with 30+ controls, and we didn't stop there. Just recently our Silverlight team added two new controls and a new class to our Studio for Silverlight control suite that keeps growing.
Silverlight NEW C1Image control:
Display animated GIF images on your Silverlight pages as you would in traditional Web applications with the C1Image control. This control is similar to the regular Image element, but with design-time support for animated GIF images. Benefit from adding animated GIFs to your Silverlight applications: they are compact and allow you to add attractive visual elements to your applications with minimal effort.
Silverlight NEW C1ContextMenu control:
Add popup menus to your Silverlight apps with the C1ContextMenu control. Popup menus provide frequently used commands that are associated with the selected object. Creating and using a C1ContextMenu is very similar to using a regular C1Menu. You can create either type of menu in XAML or in code.
Silverlight NEW C1MouseHelper class:
Provides additional mouse support for FrameworkElement objects, including mouse wheel support, double-click events, right-button clicks, and element dragging.
Studio for iPhone CTP
Just around the corner...

Studio for iPhone

We are getting closer to delivering our new product line, Studio for iPhone CTP. This revolutionary suite of ASP.NET controls enable you to create Web applications that mimic the UI of the native iPhone and iTouch interfaces.

Be a part of this first-in-class control suite, and register today for our Studio for iPhone CTP:
Create an account.
You will receive an email with instructions to access Studio for iPhone, upon its release.
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