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Take the Straight Line: Get the Best Tips Right Here
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Create a Master-Detail View in Silverlight
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SharePoint Web Parts 2009 v2: Coming Next Month
Free Webcast: Improving Usability with ComponentOne DynamicHelp
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Use the Redraw Property to Increase Performance
Use One Click for All Menu and Toolbar Items
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 Product Spotlight
ComponentOne XapOptimizer™
Size Matters (in Silverlight)

Looking for a way to decrease the start-up time and reduce network traffic with your Silverlight application? Then, you have to try ComponentOne XapOptimizer.

This stand-alone utility processes your Silverlight apps (XAP files) and generates an optimized Silverlight app up to 70% smaller than the original XAP file size without any loss in functionality.

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 Words From the Editor
Gustavo Eydelsteyn Take the Straight Line: Get the Best Tips Right Here
Gustavo Eydelsteyn, Co-founder

We've all been in a situation at some point where we needed an answer, but just couldn't seem to find it right when we needed it. It can be frustrating, but what if you knew of a place that housed thousands of solutions to your very questions? That was one of the founding visions of ComponentOne and I am thrilled to be able to share it with you.
We constantly engage with clients around the world and have been for over 22 years which has permitted us to gather common questions and deliver tips, tricks, and best practices you won't find anywhere else. Beginning this month, we will be highlighting best practices to questions, just like yours by people just like you in our Tech Tips section of Studio Tech Connection.

For example, while you may know how to update grid contents using FlexGrid for WinForms, you may be unaware that by setting a single property before the updating begins you can drastically increase performance. Donít miss out on these best practices. This is your direct access, no waiting in line solution to your questions.

 Featured Article
Sheela Nath Create a Master-Detail View in Silverlight
Sheela Nath, Technical Writer

One of the most important aspects to consider when displaying data is a way to show how all the data interrelates. While a massive grid layout showing one record after another might help visualize all the data, it does nothing in regards to explaining why the data exists or what it can be used for.
One way to help organize data is by setting up a Master-Detail relationship. In a Master-Detail relationship all the detail objects displayed are related to the selected master object. In this article we are going to walk through just how easy it is to use ComponentOne DataGrid™ for Silverlight to add a Master-Detail view to your Silverlight application. Read the full article.
 What's New

SharePoint Web Parts 2009 v2: Coming Next Month

Studio Enterprise 2009 v2 Each of our Web Parts (DataGrid, Chart, and Maps) come complete with an on-board designer for easy, code-free customization. In our upcoming release of SharePoint Web Parts, you'll be able to take customization a step further. Using the code editor, you'll be able to customize existing features or create your own. Learn more about our Web Parts.


Free Webcast: Improving Usability with ComponentOne DynamicHelp

Learn how embedded, dynamic Help improves usability, and check out how you can add it to your UI with the ComponentOne DynamicHelp control. And see how simple it is for you Ė or a member of your technical writing team - to map a Help file to your interface.



Readers' Choice Awards

Readers' Choice Award We were recently recognized for excellence with many 2009 Readers' Choice Award from Visual Studio Magazine. Read the press release.
 Tech Tips
Tech Tip Use the Redraw Property to Increase Performance
Every time a cell value is changed, or rows and columns are added or removed from the grid, some calculations are performed in order to recalculate the grid layout and update the display. You can increase performance significantly by setting the Redraw property to False before you start updating the grid contents, and setting it back to True when the changes are complete.
Tech Tip Use One Click for All Menu and Toolbar Items
Minimize the number of click events in your code when using ComponentOne Menus and Toolbars for WinForms by taking advantage of C1CommandHolder's CommandClick event. This one event can handle clicks for all menu and toolbar items on your form.
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Come join ComponentOne at events around the world. Our technical experts will be onsite to answer all your questions.
Argentina Code Camp Argentina Code Camp
26 September 2009
Universidad de Palermo
SharePoint Conference SharePoint Conference
October 19-22, 2009
Las Vegas, NV
Booth #713
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