Tech Connection - v2.5 Release, Full Angular 2 Support, and new Sunburst Charts
September/October 2016

Video: Get Started with FlexChart for UWP - Add and Configure UWP Charts

Create beautiful, flexible data visualizations with FlexChart for UWP. This 3-minute video walks you through adding and configuring a chart to your Windows 10 apps.

Video: Inside Wijmo 5 Session at Echo 2016

GrapeCity has been developing JavaScript products for over six years... Chris Bannon, Wijmo Product Manager, and Alex Ivanenko, Program Manager, presented two talks to their audiences. This recording is from Chris’s presentation in Tokyo.

How to use the GrapeCity License Manager Add in

Xuni 2016 v2.5—Streamline your Xamarin licensing with the GrapeCity Licensing Manager add-in for Visual Studio.

Populate Data to an Unbound Grid, Part I: Convert C# Dictionary Data to JSON

In this two-part blog series, we'll walk through populating data to an unbound FlexGrid.

How to Create a Custom DropDown Control in Xamarin.Forms

Xuni 2016 v2.5—Create a custom DropDown DatePicker control.

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