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June/July 2015 |
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*  2015 v2 Release Sneak Peek
Words from the CTO
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What's New
*  ASP.NET MVC Edition Update Released
*  Updated Site Search
*  Our Quote Builder
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*  How to use the Wijmo5 FlexGrid in a ReactJS Application
*  BubbleSmash: Gaming Chart for WinForms
*  Xuni Animations Explored
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ComponentOne Studio
2015 v2 Release Sneak Peek
We're excited to share some of the new features and controls you'll find in our upcoming 2015 v2 release!
  • ComponentOne Studio will feature a new Web API, WinForms reporting enhancements, new WPF and WinRT controls, and several compatibility and interaction improvements.
  • Wijmo's focus is on the enterprise with a new FinancialChart control, for developing analytical stock market visualizations, and a ExcelBook sample, featuring a fast and lightweight spreadsheet control (FlexSheet) that includes formula support, Excel import/export, and more.
  • Xuni expands to include new iOS and Android editions for native app development. Plus, all editions will get the new Xuni FlexGrid control for mobile data management.
All of our controls are compatible with Windows 10, Microsoft Edge, and Visual Studio 2015. Stay tuned for the release next month!
Words from the CTO Words from the CTO
Delivering Answers to Your Biggest Questions
Bernardo Castilho, Chief Technology Officer
Bernardo Castilho  

While I'm not in a position to share with you the meaning of life or anything along those lines, I am interested in understanding your current software development role. What is the biggest problem that you face? Is it technology, complexity within management, limited budgets, or projects failing to meet business needs?

You may experience one or several of these problems, and I want to know the one that keeps you up at night, the one that is always on your mind. I've been there, and I know the feeling.

From your feedback, my goal is to identify the overarching problem many of you are facing and then deliver my perspective on a solution to the problem. So how do we get started? Please email with details on your perplexity and any actions you have taken that have not been successful. Together we can answer these deeper questions and share with fellow developers that may be in similar situations.

Featured Award Center
GrapeCity Named to SD Times 100
SD Times 100 is an annual awards program that represents software development leaders. David Rubinstein, editor-in-chief of SD Times, writes, "GrapeCity demonstrates true leadership by offering developers, designers, and architects innovative and time saving controls and solutions for building Windows, web, and mobile applications". Read more.   SD Times 100
What's New What's New
ASP.NET MVC Edition Update Released
Adventures in Angular Podcast  

We recently released an update to our ASP.NET MVC Edition controls. This release includes new enhancements to our FlexGrid, FlexChart and ListBox controls as well as FlexGrid performance tuning. Learn more about the new features or download now.

Updated Site Search

You asked and we listened! It's now easier than ever to find the information you're looking for with our new and improved site search functionality. Go ahead, search.

Our Quote Builder
Have you tried our new quote builder? You can easily create a purchase quote to share with your manager or team members. Log into your account, add a product to your cart, open the shopping cart, and below the item(s) you added, you'll see the option to generate a quote. Generated quotes are good for 30 days.
What's New Popular Forum Posts

Have you visited our forums lately? Find answers to your development questions and see what others are talking about.

* Using MVVM with a Nested WPF DataGrid
* Read the Value from a Selected Row's Cell in a WPF DataGrid
* Set the Cell BackColor in C1FlexGrid
* Allowing Only a Single Checkbox to be Checked in a WPF DataGrid

Featured Featured Blogs
How to use the Wijmo5 FlexGrid in a ReactJS Application
ReactJS aims to solve one problem, which is: how do you build large applications that have data that is changing over time? In this blog post, Ross Dederer describes how to use the Wijmo 5 FlexGrid control with ReactJS. Read more.   ReactJS
BubbleSmash: Gaming Chart for WinForms
BubbleSmash: Gaming Chart for WinForms  

Charts are often the core of data visualization in a business app but they can be used for so much more. To see how our WinForms chart can be used to create a BubbleSmash game, check out our blog post to download the sample.

Xuni Animations Explored
As product manager Greg Lutz notes in this blog post, "animation is important in mobile because we want our apps to feel alive. When you interact with your phone what you'll notice is that there is movement in response to your actions." The blog post describes current customizable and out-of-the-box animation support in Xuni and what improvements are planned for the future. Learn more about animation in Xuni.   SD Times 100
Survey Center Survey Center

Will you be updating to Visual Studio 2015?

* Yes, within three months of the release
* Yes, within six months of the release
* Yes, within a year of the release
* No or not in the near future
* No, I don't use Visual Studio

February 2015 Survey Results

How quickly do you usually adopt relevant new technology?

Survey Center

We appreciate your feedback – in fact, we'd love to hear more from you! Check out our UserVoice feedback portal where you can create feature requests and vote on what you'd like to see in our upcoming releases.


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